Rest assured about the quality of our work and commitment to you with a two-year limited warranty on your project, large or small. For a period of 2 years from the completion date of the work as described in your contract, we will repair any blistering, peeling, chipping, flaking, or excessive chalking (referred to as “covered conditions”) as a result of flawed workmanship. Warranty coverage is subject to the limitations set forth below.

To retain the validity of your warranty, you must:

- Have paid the full contract price, as outlined in your contract.

- Be able to present the original contract upon request.

Our warranty does not cover the following:

- Any performed work where the materials were not solely supplied by our company.

- Any work that was not performed by our company.

- Repairs to any horizontal surfaces or any surfaces that are exposed to excessive moisture.

- Cracks in drywall, plaster, or wood surfaces.

- Damages caused by ordinary wear and tear, abnormal use or abuse, abrasion, coarse cleaning, or exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, or any other harmful solids, liquids, or gasses.

- Damages caused by fire, smoke, insect infestation, alterations to original work, vandalism, negligence, or any other similar causes that are beyond the control of New Point Painting.

- Cracking, blistering, chipping or peeling caused by structural expansion and contraction, settling, or other movements of building components.

- Paint degradation or discoloration due to mold or mildew.

Warranties do not cover any natural disaster, extreme storms, or flooding. The warranty doesn’t cover areas that are remotely already damaged, subject to standing water, areas of high moisture, extreme weather conditions, or any conditions that are outside manufacture’s specifications.